Where do you source your ingredients?

We start looking and sourcing local to Ontario and then move east and west across Canada. Then we look outside of Canada, primarily New Zealand and the United States. Our ingredients are 100% from people food markets sourcing the highest quality available for people. Meaning the same high quality food we eat.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our best before dates for our superfoods range from 12 months to 72 months, it depends on the actual superfood. The great thing about our superfoods is that they actually only lose potency and flavour after the pass their best before date, hence "BEST BEFORE".

Can I use superfoods with kibble?

Yes! We suggest you mix it with yogurt, kefir, bone broth, goat milk or water before adding it your dog's bowl. And, like with all things you should start with slow amounts and if you're not sure you can ask your holistic vet or send us an email hello@NorthHoundLife.com.

Why do you say Atlantic Kelp isn't recommended for kibble diets?

Our Canadian kelp has naturally occurring iodine. The majority of kibble fed diets are nutritionally balanced and if you add too much iodine in their diet it may cause some issues. We suggest you speak with your vet if you are interested in adding Kelp to your dog's kibble fed diet.

My dog is really itchy, can you help us?

We would love to help however, we are not in any position to diagnose. You should speak to your holistic veterinarian first and, we will be here ready for you with our superfoods! You can also check out this list of canine nutritionist/consultants.

What does "not for long term use" mean?

It is generally understood as no longer than four to six weeks. We always suggest you give your dog a therapeutic break for a week and then you can assess how your dog is doing and start again.

Can my dog have superfoods and supplements every day?

We always suggest you try to give your dog an occasional break from superfoods and supplements. Even whole foods can cause damage if given everyday long-term, so we always suggest a therapeutic break. North Hound Life follows the on-again, off-again cycle which can help the body heal and stimulate itself. These breaks are a great way to minimize risk and to observe how your dog is responding to the addition of superfoods and supplements.

Does New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels keep working after you stop?

Yes! To start using this amazing superfood we suggest you use it for four to six weeks. And then you can take a break for four weeks and start again. It is known to still help your dog ease their joints up to four weeks after you stop adding it to their bowl.

Do you have a list of veterinarians I can call?

We don't have veterinarians "on call" but CLICK HERE FOR A LIST of holistic veterinarians across Canada.

Does Bee Pollen have to be sourced from where I live to work?

Bee Pollen has naturally occurring antihistamines which can help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. It does not have to be from your area to be effective.

Can I freeze North Hound Life superfoods in molds?

There is one which we don't recommend at all and that is Organic Slippery Elm Bark powder. You won't be able to make a paste with it after it is frozen. It is a good idea for you to save time in portioning out superfoods and to have them available at any moment. However, like all food, superfoods will loose some levels of potency once frozen, but not enough to that you will notice a difference. Instead of freezing, we suggest you mix your chosen superfood with Organic Coconut Oil and let it set in your refrigerator, They will retain their shape in the refrigerator without having to freeze them.

I just got a puppy! What do you recommend?

Congratulations! Puppies! We always suggest you start with a puppy (growing dog) appropriate food. Puppies need proper nutrition for their breed and rate of growth. You can talk to your veterinarian or breeder to find out which food is best for your puppy. We always suggest you keep a jar of Organic Slippery Elm Bark on hand in case of any gastric distress (diarrhea) and you can quickly make your puppy feel better. And, if you are inclined you can always add sparingly to their bowl these superfoods: Berry Blast, Veggie Boost, Goat Milk Plus, Organic Wheatgrass.

Are your products safe for cats?

All North Hound Life supplements and superfoods are classified as GRAs - Generally Recognized As Safe. Our whole food products with no additives, will have different dosages for cats. We have information for your cats slowly being added to our online store. In the meantime, please email us hello@NorthHoundLife.com and we can provide the dosage.

I have a subscription and need to update it. How do I do that?

You need to login to your subscription dashboard. Once logged in you can update your credit card number, manage upcoming deliveries and past deliveries. You can access your login here: https://www.northhoundlife.com/tools/recurring/get-subscription-access


Why did I not get Free Shipping?

Occasionally we offer Free Shipping to pet parents if they reach a minimum sub-total. This is a standard well known practice to offer free shipping based on your sub-total. Sub-total is before taxes and discounts. This means, if you use a discount code, it might drop your sub-total below the free shipping threshold. And, depending on where you live, your sales taxes are calculated at different percentages, so Free Shipping is based on your sub-total.

I'm in the USA and my package hasn't arrived

We ship all orders to the USA with Canada Post, USPS, DHL, FedEx and UPS. Shipping in Canada is much more expensive than the USA. You will receive a tracking number for your package. If your package hasn't arrived within two weeks of you receiving notification it has shipped from Canada, please email us hello@NorthHoundLife.com ONLY if you have Package Protection. If you de-selected Package Protection then you are responsible to contact the carrier who shipped your order.

Why is shipping so expensive?

If we could make shipping more affordable in Canada we would, unfortunately this is the cost of shipping in Canada. We are located in Muskoka which is two hours north of Toronto. ALL packages (no matter their destination) need to travel from us to Toronto and then be sorted to continue on their journey.

What is your refund policy?

Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied before the 30 days, simply return the product for a refund minus all shipping costs and restocking fee if you're from outside of Canada. Just email hello@NorthHoundLife.com.

Why is my free shipping taking so long?

When North Hound Life offers Free Shipping with a discount code or a promotion, we always ship the most economical. Even if you selected the fastest shipping option at the checkout. This means, it may take longer for you to receive your products.

My package shows it's delivered, but I don't have it.

First, check with other members of your household as well as your neighbours. Then you need to follow the tracking history from the courier's site. If you declined Package Protection, and your package has been lost, stolen, delayed or damaged, please contact the carrier (UPS, FedEx, CanPar, DHL etc.). If you selected Package Protection at checkout, your order will be protected from damage, loss or theft. If your order never arrives or is damaged when it arrives, you can file a claim with our team and receive a replacement order or be reimbursed.

My order arrived damaged.

First, take photos of not only the shipping packaging box but also the damaged products and inside the box. Then reply to your order or shipping confirmation email explaining the damages and include all photographs. If you declined Package Protection, and your package has damaged, please contact the carrier (UPS, FedEx, CanPar, DHL etc.). If you selected Package Protection, your order will be protected from damage and we will reimburse you or send a replacement.