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Can my dog have superfoods and supplements every day?

We always suggest you try to give your dog an occasional break from superfoods and supplements. Even whole foods can cause damage if given everyday long-term, so we always suggest a therapeutic break. North Hound Life follows the on-again, off-again cycle which can help the body heal and stimulate itself. These breaks are a great way to minimize risk and to observe how your dog is responding to the addition of superfoods and supplements.

How long is a therapeutic break?

We always suggest you speak with your veterinarian, holistic practitioners or canine nutritionist before starting any protocols. Our general guideline is four to six weeks on and then one to two weeks off. This is the on-again, off-again cycle.

Can I use two supplements at once?

Yes, yes you can. We always ask pet parents to make sure your dog is still enjoying their meal if you have two supplements added.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We start looking and sourcing local to Ontario and then move east and west across Canada. Then we look outside of Canada, primarily New Zealand and the USA. Our ingredients are 100% from people's food markets, meaning the same food we eat. We try to support family owned farms and businesses.

Can I use your superfoods on kibble?

Yes!  We suggest you mix it with yogurt, kefir, bone broth, goat milk or water before adding it your dog's bowl. And, like with all things you should start with slow amounts and if you're not sure you can ask your holistic vet or send us an email

What is your return policy?

Our return policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied before the 30 days, simply return the product for a refund minus all shipping costs. Just email

Are your products safe for cats?

All North Hound Life supplements and superfoods are classified as GRAs - Generally Recognized As Safe. Our whole food products with no additives, will have different dosages for cats. We have information for your cats slowly being added to our online store. In the meantime, please email us and we can provide the dosage.

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Mushroom Superblend


She appears to be liking it. She has mass cell and she had a small one that was checked and was going to get surgery for the 2nd time in 3 months but since using the product it seems to have disappeared. Going to the vet on Saturday to see if they can find it to be on the safe side. It has also helped with allergies and her arthritis.

T. Lagace

Atlantic Canada Kelp

Canadian Kelp for the Win!

I have a blue Dobie who suffers from allergies and due to the blue gene, is predisposition to skin and coat issues. I purchased the Canadian Kelp for him and saw a difference in under a month! His skin and coat already appear more healthy. I was concerned that sprinkling powder on his food would result in him not eating it but he proves me wrong. He devours it and if any of it falls to the bottom, he will lick his bowl clean. I highly recommend this for anyone who has a furbaby suffering with skin/coat issues.

J. McDermott

Green Lipped Mussels

Fantastic Products!

We love this stuff! Storm gets it on every meal, she really likes the taste and it helps keep her joints in tip top condition!

A. Turner

Atlantic Canada Kelp


I purchased this to supplement iodine in DIY raw diet for my 14month old pup. I was not even anticipating how changing her kelp source would also change how soft her fur/coat would become!

R. Shaw

Golden Turmeric Superblend

Now she is walking fine!

My 12 old pug has been on this for 2 years. She has joint disease and before this her back legs were very weak. Now she is walking fine.

I. Janzen

Lion's Mane Mushroom

We love it!

Sheldon has been doing really well on this supplement and I plan on continuing it for his health!

Alana Vosen

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels

Vet Approved!!!

My pup had a check up with the vet and I mentioned that my pooch has been taking NZ Green Lipped Mussel. The vet said that it is a good choice for joints and the vet ran through the benefits (which solidified what I researched and what was found on this site). Needless to say I’m buying another jar.


Canadian Bee Pollen

Love this product

We have a lilac tri olde english bulldog with a low immune system and alergies. Not only has this helped with his allergies but also the fungus on his nose started to flake off after about a months use and has not returned. Used this product for 4 months now and will continue!

Gina D.

Golden Turmeric Superblend

Super happy!

My 11 year old pup seems to be doing well on this supplement. Even for an older guy, his favorite thing to do is hike and we've found this supplement helps him recover faster from general soreness and inflammation. It is so rewarding seeing the magic that these supplements can do for your dog, thank you!!

Jackie Placidi

Supplements as unique as your pet.

We create supplements and superfoods to help strengthen and lengthen your relationship with your pet. To make this possible, we use only the best, ethically sourced, human-grade, natural ingredients on the market. Real nutrition comes from quality, real food and we work hard to continue to give you a diverse and ever-growing range of top-quality options for your dog.

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