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Winter Tips for your dog
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Winter Tips for your dog

The North Hound Life Guide to Winter Tips for Dogs. Some dog breeds can tolerate cold weather better because of their thick fur coats. Other dog breeds are not that well equipped. You know your dog best. I've put together some general cold winter weather tips and tricks to make the season a little easier.

What to feed your dog in cold weather?

Small dog in snow

In the winter months, it is important to feed your dog a diet that will help them maintain a healthy weight and provide them with the necessary nutrients to stay warm. Some dog health experts recommend adding some extra calories in the form of fat, which will provide warmth and help their skin and coat stay healthy. This can be done by adding Organic Coconut Oil. It's a nice treat to warm some coconut oil and pour it over your dog's food.  

Protein is also essential in the winter months because it helps build muscle mass and maintain a healthy immune system.  You can scramble a couple of eggs (duck, chicken, quail) and add them to your dog's bowl for a boost of warm food and a blast of protein.

How much water should your dog drink in the winter months?

Dogs are not as efficient at regulating their body temperature as we are. They have a tendency to overheat in the summer and to be cold in the winter.

During winter, it is important to ensure that your dog drinks enough water and stays hydrated. If your dog does not drink enough water during winter it can lead to health problems, so it is important to make sure that they drink enough water during this time of year.  

Adding bone broth to your dog's food bowl or even a separate bowl is a great way to ensure your dog stays hydrated. You can warm it up too! And, Goat Milk Plus is a great superfood to give a boost of electrolytes for your dog. 

Dog in the snow

How often should you walk your dog in the winter?

If you are wondering how often you should walk your dog during cold weather, it is important to consider the age and breed of your dog. Older dogs will get colder faster (paws, ears, and torso) so it's best to check the temperature and do a quick walk. Younger dogs in good health walking in extreme cold or windchill, will need to really walk quickly (boogie) to stay warm and maintain their health.

Make sure your dog is dressed with the weather conditions with proper boots and coats.

Another idea is do way more activities indoors. You can mentally stimulate your dog indoors with puzzles, games and learning new tricks. 

Where should your dog sleep in the cold winter months?

IDog Sleeping in wintert's a good idea to offer your dog multiple sleeping spots.  Just like us, they like to get cozy and curl up on cold days. And, they like to soak in the sunshine through a window on freezing cold days.  Be mindful of your older dog if they have arthritis because on cold days they may feel more aches than usual and they will be looking for a good option to rest their body.

Should my dog go in the car in the cold winter months? 

Dog in car in winter
Most dog owners know that you can’t leave a dog in a hot car. Did you know you can't leave a dog in a car during extreme cold temperatures? Temperatures can drop to dangerous levels in just minutes, putting your dog at risk of hypothermia and frostbite. 



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