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Tick Talk (not TikTok)
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Tick Talk (not TikTok)

This is one topic that makes a lot of pet parents feel squeamish, myself included — TICKS. I'm going to share with you down below, my FOUR-fold approach to hopefully repel these nasty little bugs. 

tick dog supplements

Tick season is from early Spring all the way until late Fall. As long as the weather is above 10ºC then there is a good chance the ticks are around. Even if the temperature is below 10ºC the sunshine might still provide enough warmth for a tick to still be thriving. Just think about a tick sunbathing on a long piece of grass (yuck). 


This blog isn't going to be about what to do and what not to do because it's a topic that has a lot of opinions and recommendations. Each pet parent should do what they are comfortable with and definitely speak with their holistic veterinarian about options.

I've known many dogs to test positive for Lyme Disease from just one tick bite, and some dogs recovery quickly. Other dogs may take longer, up to a couple of years to be clear of the antibodies the tick bite creates in their blood stream. And, it's almost unheard of for cats to develop Lyme Disease. 

The good news is, if you find a tick within 12 hours then your dog will probably be okay. It's at the 12 hour mark that the tick starts transmitting the disease. And, the tick needs 48 hours to fully transmit the disease. 

This tick season, I am going to do a FOUR-fold approach to repel ticks off my own dog.  It's a new approach for this year and fingers crossed I won't have to see or touch any ticks! 

ONE: Keep my dog away from long grasses (might be easier said then done)

Ticks like to hang off of long grasses just waiting for a warm body to pass by that they can latch onto

Dog Supplements Ticks


He has started wearing an Em Collar (Effective Microorganisms®). Supposedly, this collar needs to be worn for four weeks straight for it to be activated. EM ceramics emit far infrared waves and these have been known to help repel ticks.

dog supplements tick collar em collar

THREE: Herbal blend in his bowl

He will use a blend of herbs in his food for seven days every month during tick season. Neem leaf, spirulina, nettle leaf, holy basil, lavender, and quassia bark.

dog supplements tick herbs

FOUR: Essential Oil Blend

Both of us will use my custom essential oil blend:  Almond Oil, Rose Geranium Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon/Citronella. I will apply this to his legs, torso and neck. And, I will apply it to my pant legs and bare skin if showing (ankles). 


I will let you know how the tick season goes. And, it might be a good idea to have a tick remover available, just in case.


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