North Hound Life Videos

Take a look through our series of videos we'll be posting to help you get to know us and our dogs a little better. You'll also get to see the beautiful landscape of Muskoka as we introduce our products and show you how to use them. We're open to suggestions of what you would like to see . You can email us with some ideas and maybe we can have you come and join us? 



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Bee Pollen Part Two

Bee Pollen is a superfood used by canine athletes and can help speed up recovery from injury and illness.


Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is from across Ontario.



Natural Anti-tick Remedy

This is what I use on my own dog to repel ticks, it's easy and it smells good! Did I tell you that I *really* don't like ticks.


Product - Goat Milk Plus Powder

How to add Goat Milk Plus Powder to a raw fed diet and a kibble fed diet.  It's easy and keeps your dog healthy!

Product - Golden Turmeric & Coconut Powder

How to add Golden Turmeric & Coconut Powder - Golden Paste to a raw fed diet and a kibble fed diet.  In the background you will see Jimmy the chocolate lab who likes to protect the food and Fifi the sheepadoodle who listens to him but always wants to play!