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My dog was sick with GI issues and acid reflux for two years. We went to 11 different vets, and I have spent over $20,000! I tried this product after doing my own research and it’s been two months and she only had ONE reflux attack. She was having about 5 per day before. I can’t say enough good things about this product!!!

Veggie Boost
Krista Morris
Trusted company.

I recently ordered the Canadian cranberry & veggie boost for my girl. Both great products. Packaged very well.
Love that this is a Canadian company that also has our pets health as a high priority.

Turkey Tail Mushroom
Louise Hayes
Love the supplements

Have used them for a couple of years, and have helped my fur babies immensely. I particularly like Slippery Elm for tummy problems.

Canadian Bee Pollen
Lisa Lundin

My dog is healthier and more active- doesn't limp anymore in the mornings

Green Lipped Mussels
Emilie Schmidt
Green Lipped Muscles

This product has been working amazing for my dog. He is suspected to have arthritis in one leg and it have helped drastically. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has dogs with joint issues. Overall it’s a great supplement for any dog to take!!!

A staple for our pets’ wellbeing!

Since discovering the fantastic supplements made by North Hound Life, they have become a staple in our pets’ diet! We have noticed a huge improvement in their health since we started them on these supplements!

Green Lipped Mussels
Carlee Gorjizadeh
It works!

My senior dog was having joint problems and now she is walking just fine!

Always an exciting day when our order arrives!

Whether it’s our staple supplements, or trying a new supplement, it’s always exciting to receive our North Hound Life order! Quality products that help keep my dogs healthy and happy! Our order always arrives quickly and well packaged!

Mushroom Superblend
Kathryn Churcher
Mushroom Superblend

I'm really happy to have found this product and brand. I have been looking for a mushroom supplement my pup can have that isn't a chew (she unfortunately would spit all mushroom chews out). My dog does not have known issues, but i wanted to get this for her to help her overall and keep her healthy for as long as possible. Its super easy to mix into bone broth adn pour over her breakfast.

Milk Thistle
Emilie Schmidt
Best products ever

I purchased the milk thistle, Atlantic kelp and the mushroom super blend and I have nothing but great things to say!! My dog is a 4 year old basset who has epilepsy and the milk thistle is amazing for his liver health! These supplements are great to make sure your raw fed dog has all of the nutrients

Mushroom Superblend
Christine Gould
Mushroom Superblend

This is a wonderful trio., so beneficial , and I’ll certainly purchase again for my fur babies!

Senior Bundle
Jillian Couture
Love these supplements!

Loving the variety of supplements we got. I have 3 dogs, all different ages and breeds. An 11 year old, 6 year old, and 11 month old. We got a variety of supplements and they have been great so far! I love the concentrated amounts per weight so I feel like it lasts longer than other supplements I’ve tried. It’s more natural which I love and will definitely continue to use!


Our Dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and a heart valve issue and enlarged heart.
We tried giving this to her to help with the fluid build-up and it has been working. They were also great to deal with on the phone when I needed to ask them a few questions.

Great customer service

I had a small issue with my order and it was fixed with no questions asked. Great products and people!

Turkey Tail Mushroom
Cathy Turcotte
Turkey tail mushrooms

I have been giving my dogs turkey tail mushroom for a little over 2 months and they both seem to like it. I originally started mixing it with plain yogurt but now I just sprinkle it on their food and they love it.

My dogs love flavor and this is easy to serve

Easy to serve

Easy to serve

Bulldog Tear Stains

We have an English Bulldog and tried everything to get rid of her tear stains. A random employee at Ren's Pets recommended this and for whatever reason after a month, it works. Dont care why. Just letting other English Bulldog owners try a bump in their food for a month and its night and day


As a former street pup, my dog is particularly adept at locating and hoovering the most rancid mystery sidewalk snacks. This “skill” often results in a sleepless night where we are going outside every 30 minutes, and in between bathroom breaks he looks uncomfortable as heck and I cringe at the sounds coming from his gastrointestinal system.
Last week we had one such event. However this time I mixed a scoop of this with the slippery elm powder and added it to a dish of his fermented goat milk and a bit of broth. Within 15 minutes the continuous tummy symphony had settled to the odd grumble, he looked significantly more comfortable, and he only had one more episode of diarrhea. The next day he was having solid poops, and very clearly felt much better. I am used to pumpkin helping firm up stools, but the ginger in this powder was really the hero. It brought my dog the relief he needed in order to rest and recover, and I’m super grateful for that. (Adds multiple jars to cart to make sure I never run out)
This company’s products never miss! I have been thrilled with every single one I have tried and I won’t stop recommending them. Thank you for helping my scavenging nincompoop feel better!!!

My dog suffers from allergies and has lost a lot of fur. I've tried many omega 3 products (fish oils, algae oils, seed oils) and he's always refused to eat when they've been added to his meals. HE LOVESSS THIS SEAL OIL!! After using it for less than 3 weeks, his itching and scratching has lessened and his fur is finally growing back!! This has been the only thing that has helped him and I'm so thankful for this product!

Maggie, this is such great news! We're so happy it is helping your good boy ❤️.

Mushroom Superblend
Cheryl Palazzi
Awesome Products

I love the products from North Hound Life! Great quality and awesome service. My pups thrive on their products.

Slippery Elm Bark
Louise Hayes
Fabulous Service and product

I think the products I use, enhance both my dogs lives. I’m particularly fond of slippery elm to help with diarrhea.

Great innovative product for dogs with digestive issues/occasional vomiting and diarrhea

Glad I found a product like this to soothe my dog’s belly after some indigestion issues (vomiting and diarrhea). Easy to use and worked immediately.

My dogs love it!

I mix the Golden Turmeric Superblend powder with yogurt and my dogs love it. I make sure to clean their mouths when they are done. Tumeric is hard to clean. Speaking from experience 😅